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There have been lots of suggested schedules going around with ideas for organizing kids’ time during this break from school. Usually they include blocks like Academics, Reading, Chores, Play, and Creative Time. Maybe this very strange and open time is an opportunity to add spiritual practice into our kids’ (and our families’) routines too. Join us as we add “Time with God” into our daily Coronavirus routine. Every week we’ll offer some short video clips made by familiar St. Paul’s folks or a simple idea for the day. You can click the tabs below to see the different offerings.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Create a Sacred Space at Home

Read Candle Walk

Read Candle Walk: A Bedtime Prayer to God as a Family (it might be a neat way to introduce kids to our Wednesday Compline service!). Click here to read.

On Good Friday, St. Paul’s will offer a virtual Stations of the Cross service for families, using art created by our parishioners for the stations. The youth group helped create some art for the stations already, but we’d love more from people of all ages. Just choose one of the station descriptions here (or more than one!) and create something in response. Or, for young children, you can read a version of Jesus’ last hours from a children’s Bible and see what stands out for them to create. You can use any medium (crayons, markers, pencils, collage, sculpture, or a natural tableau) and the art does not have to be representational, but might instead capture a feeling. When you finish, take a photo and send it to by Monday, April 6. Here are a few examples: