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St. Paul's Outdoor Service

St. Paul’s will continue to offer an outdoor worship service on Sundays at 10:00 am. in the St. Paul’s Cemetery. You must reserve a spot (see below) in order to attend.

The Virtual Ministry of the Word will continue to be recorded and distributed in the usual manner. We HIGHLY recommend the virtual service to our seniors, anyone who is especially vulnerable, with a family member who is vulnerable, or simply anyone who does not feel comfortable attending in person.

The church is taking every measure to reduce the chance of transmission for churchgoers, but everyone must understand that the safest method is still staying at home.

Questions? Email Laura Rose


Attendance at outdoor services will be limited to 50 “Worship Circles”. A Worship Circle can be comprised of an individual, a couple or a family.

In order to ensure social distancing and keep everyone safe, we will set-out small orange cones to represent our “Worship Circles”. The cones will be spaced throughout the cemetery (more than 6 feet apart). We encourage you to bring a blanket or chairs to make yourselves comfortable during the service.

Anyone who desires to attend the worship service will need to register via the Sign-Up Genius by using the link below. This is a guided RSVP system. It is required that you provide your name, the names of any family members attending with you and your phone number. You must also agree to wear a mask, social distance and stay home if you are not feeling well. This information will be critical in helping us contract trace, should the need arise.

Click the link below to sign up for Sunday, November 29th.

Before leaving for the service: bring your mask! While all are welcome, all are required to wear masks even for this outdoor service. Also, consider using the restroom one last time before coming since there are no restrooms at the St. Paul’s Cemetery.

The St. Paul’s Cemetery is located at 601 Hamilton Avenue in Old Town Alexandria, parking is available along the road outside the cemetery gates. Please arrive at 8:30am. Ushers will be on hand with a list of reservations to direct attendees to a “Worship Circle” on a first come first serve basis. If a line forms outside, please maintain social distancing then and at all times. The ushers will get you safely seated as soon as possible.

St. Paul's Cemetery

The service will last about 45 minutes and will follow the Holy Eucharist Rite II and will be a service of Spiritual Communion with the option to receive the communion wafer. You’ll receive a bulletin upon arrival. This should be shared by the family, and taken with you or disposed of at departure.

Musical offerings will be acoustic and provided by a guitar and one soloist. There will be no congregational singing.

There will be no physical passing of the peace outside of family members. You may pass the peace through gesture to others.

There will be no passed collection plate. A collection basket will be available by the exits, but we highly encourage online or text-based giving.

Finally, after the service, the ushers will dismiss Worship Circles to maintain social distancing. Please proceed directly to your car and do not gather with other parishioners.

If someone who attended the service is diagnosed positive for COVID-19, that person or a family member should alert the church office.

The church will look at the records for that service, and alert the families who attended that service of the diagnosis.

If the weather does not look friendly, you will receive a notification on Sunday morning letting you know that the service has been cancelled.