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The following prayers reflect those listed in the weekly service bulletin for Sunday, July 21st.

We Pray for God’s Healing

  • George Caldwell
  • Stu Reid, brother of CJ Reid
  • Theresa Kosul, mother of Renee Mondayr
  • Sally S. Cross, Thomas H. Bliss, and Frederic N. Cross, family of Currie Smith
  • Paul H. Rogers, friend of Currie Smith
  • Allen Harris, friend of Katie May
  • Jane Schleicher
  • Louise Sinclaire, friend of Talley Fulghum
  • Allison LaPlante, friend of Chuck and Linda Zauzig
  • Frank Hyre, Jr., father of Frank Hyre III
  • Marianne McCulloch, friend of Marilyn Eisenhardt
  • Michael Useem, brother-in-law of Bill Livingston
  • Kay Dillard, aunt of Kathryn Blair
  • Bobby Pennington, cousin of Dale Allen

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer

We pray for the Church in Rwanda.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

We pray for Bishops, priests, deacons, and lay leaders.

We Give Thanks

for the birth of Charlotte Ada Proctor, granddaughter of Judith and Don Proctor and for the baptism of Raya Jourdan Rickman

Today’s Flowers

are given to the glory of God and in loving memory of Nellie Jo and Arby Talley and Myra and Bill Campbell given By Stephanie and Larry Campbell.

We Pray for Those Who Have Died

        • Juanita Hodges Clark, grandmother of Tara Foscato
        • Mildred Shuri Speed, mother of Gordon Speed
        • Sam Daniel, friend of Marilyn Eisenhardt
        • Brian Cox, brother to Chris Cox