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The following prayers reflect those listed in the weekly service bulletin for Sunday, November 3.

We Pray for God’s Healing

  • Gail Krejci
  • Zelma McShane, friend of Dale Allen
  • Elizabeth Plotts, cousin of Katherine Murphy
  • Patrick Bowman, brother-in-law of Tricia Rodgers
  • Judi Elliott, friend of Suzanne Kalvaitis
  • Barbara Parkerson
  • Sam Richardson, son of Stephen Richardson
  • Diane, friend of Ginger Rosa
  • Chip Simpson
  • Jim Seigel, friend of The Osowiski Family
  • Audrey Brooks, friend of Marilyn Eisenhardt

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer

We pray for the Church of Bermuda.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

We pray for Meade Memorial,White Post; St. Luke’s, Simeon; St. Aidan’s, Alexandria; St. Peter’s, Oak Grove: Meade Memorial, Alexandria

We Give Thanks

for all the saints and ask that you give to us, as you gave to them, the hope of salvation and the promise of eternal life.

Today’s Flowers

are given to the glory of God and in loving memory of Amy Elizabeth Warder by her family; and William Scruggs by Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Campagna.

We Pray for Those Who Have Died

  • Dabney L. McElroy, mother of Sally Murphy
  • Troy W. Jobin, friend of John L.C. Carter-Hirt
  • Helen Murphy, cousin of Julia Hall
  • Mike Smith, friend of Gin Steventon
  • Kay Dillard, aunt of Kathryn Blair
  • John Baty, friend of the Kahl family
  • Richard Marchesano, friend of Clark Bavin
  • Karl Theo Kalveram, uncle of Regina Roman