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The following prayers reflect those listed in the weekly service bulletin for Sunday, March 24.

We Pray for God’s Healing

  • Sidney Clarke, mother of David Clarke
  • Kaleigh Hamilton, friend of Bradley Jenkins
  • Jim Murphy
  • Michael Meyers, father of Marianne Meyers
  • Sally Elnasser
  • Glenda Wilson, aunt of Hope Nelson
  • Paula Vickers, Charlie Johnson, Judy Conroy, friends of the Penkiunas family
  • Chris James, father of Fiona James
  • Helen Grayson
  • The Dromgoole family, friends of Rachel Harber

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer

We pray for the Church of Hong Kong.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

We pray for for the churches of Holy Cross, Dunn Loring; and St. George’s, Fredericksburg.

We Give Thanks

for the ordination of Elizabeth Henry McKeever to the transitional diaconate.

We Pray for Those Who Have Died

  • Tim Warren, brother of Kyle Ahrold
  • Wilma M. Locke, mother of Tim Locke
  • Pamela Gay, grandmother of Parker Gay