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The following prayers reflect those listed in the weekly service bulletin for Sunday, May 19.

We Pray for God’s Healing

  • Ray Ellis, friend of Lazarus Ministry
  • Nancy Kirkorian Sheppard, mother of Rees Kirkorian
  • William Greeley Phippen, father of David Phippen
  • Mead Blum, daughter of Janey and Bob Wallace
  • Lillian Rainey, mother of Elizabeth Riedel
  • Virginia Morton, sister-in-law of John and Jane Cole
  • Howard Melton, stepfather of Tim Halloran

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer

We pray for the Church in Melanesia.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

We pray for the churches of St. Stephen’s, Richmond; St. James’, Leesburg; and Trinity, Manassas.

We Give Thanks

for the baptism of Margaret Hollerbach and Grace O’Donovan.

Today’s Flowers

are given to the glory of God and in celebration of the marriage of Katie Nimick and Peter Elkins-Williams.

We Pray for Those Who Have Died

  • Lee King
  • Ethel Scaccio, mother of Judy Marks
  • Rose Beatrice Durham, mother of Monte Durham
  • Ruth Boyce, mother of Barbara Jacob
  • Dorothy Todd, friend of Jane Anne Gleason