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Funeral Arrangements

For help with making funeral arrangements, please contact a member of the clergy. We strongly recommend that church members make preferences for their own funerals known to us and allow us to keep them on file in the parish office. Any of the clergy are available to discuss these arrangements with you as well as any questions you may have about living wills. St. Paul’s parishioners, clergy, and staff have also created a document to help with funeral and other unexpected end-of-life planning — download it here.

St. Paul’s Cemetery

St. Paul’s Cemetery was established in 1809, along with other local church cemeteries. Today, St. Paul’s Cemetery is the final resting place of over 1,500 former church leaders, including the Rev. James T. Johnston and the Rev. George H. Norton, as well as other members of our congregation and community. The cemetery has a limited number of plots available for purchase, and in 2011 St. Paul’s supplemented the columbarium with the addition of the Mark J. Hulkower Memorial Garden where ashes may be strewn. If you are interested in learning more about the plots, columbarium, or memorial garden, please contact Gerald W. Fauth III, Managing Trustee, St. Paul’s Cemetery, at (703) 549-6161 or gwfauth@comcast.net.

Click here to download a map of St. Paul’s Cemetery plots.


St. Paul’s Cemetery is located on Hamilton Avenue, off of Wilkes Street in the southwestern end of Old Town Alexandria. To get to the cemetery, take Henry Street/Route 1 South to Wilkes Street. Turn right onto Wilkes Street. Drive almost to the entrance of the National Cemetery (at the end of the street). You will see signs on your left marked “Presbyterian Cemetery” and “St. Paul’s Cemetery.” Turn left onto Hamilton Avenue. In a short distance you’ll see a sign for St. Paul’s Cemetery on your left.